How To Start Your Home-Based Internet Business: A Guide to Avoiding The Traps and Expenses

Are you starting a new Internet marketing business-enterprise online? Are you new to the trade and looking for some help? Every single person, no matter how successful in the Internet Marketing trade, has started at the very bottom knowing absolutely NOTHING! So although there are some highly successful people in this business earning large amounts of cash from the web, you need to begin at ZERO and work up from there. Even as I say this I want to encourage you not to be too daunted by the towers of success that surround you, take each day at a time, try not to look too far ahead at the enormous quantity of information you need to absorb and apply. Rome, as they are fond of saying, was not built in a day…and nor will your business be. What? Did someone tell you 48 hours? Run! Quick! Get away from them! And I am going to tell you why…

Internet Marketing is a business just like an other brick-and-mortar set-up, be it your own products or those of other people whom you represent as an affiliate. There are unavoidable, practical steps you need to take on your road to success if you really want to get a solid footing and succeed long-term in Internet Marketing. These steps include:

1. Learn your business (research your program of study carefully, learn from someone who takes a little and gives a lot)

2. Research your products (stay on familiar ground)

3. Discipline yourself firmly (routine, no interruptions, hours of work)

4. Plan each day the day before (set goals)

5. Avoid the sharks in this huge information Ocean! (One program, no switching)

6. Never Forget: The Internet is occupied by PEOPLE…not zombies!

These all seem to basic steps and pretty much plain and simple logic. BUT…it is, in reality, not that straight-forward. The Internet Ocean is filled with very greedy and very hungry sharks, they feed off of your need, your vulnerabilities and your CASH! They know well ahead of time what your problems and desires are, they have prepared their sales-hype and are ready to appeal to your every soft-spot. You need to understand that humans are predictable in many ways, we all have emotions, we all respond to emotional stimuli in a certain manner. When we are in need, we are vulnerable, and the sharks out there are trained in how to get to you through this need. I cannot stress this enough, when you begin your research into getting involved with Internet marketing be as CYNICAL and as critical and as hard as you can possibly make yourself. Do NOT allow others to cajole you into buying into their quick-income-online schemes…this one aspect of the entire business can break you and cause you to give in and walk away from a potentially very profitable future. We are going to go into some detail on all of this piece-by-piece:

1. Learn your business: As with any business a person may want to go into, you need to know your stuff! A Pharmacist knows his medicine and is not about to suddenly drop his pills and buy an earth-moving company, and Father Christmas knows his toys and is not about to go out selling mountaineering equipment, NO! They learned their respective trades and are very good at them, but it took time for them to get to where they are today. So it has to be with you, before you can begin to operate an Internet marketing business you need to learn your trade, learn it from the inside out, learn it well. You cannot run before you walk. So what you need is a solid training program which will take you from absolute newbie to profit, a program which will give all the video training and tutorials, it must provide you with all of the helps-tips-tricks and so much more.

Any training program you buy into must give a lot and take a little, it must tell you ahead of time what you are in for money-wise and every aspect of what the training program includes, with no hidden other costs that appear once you have bought in and they think you are committed and must therefore spend yet more to get the full program! Also, no self-respecting training program in Internet marketing will tell you that this business is quick and easy…it definitely IS NOT! Just as with ANY business or trade out there in the big wide world there is a massive mountain of information to learn and put into practise and I will tell you now that you cannot possibly hope to learn all of it within a year. It is better to begin part-time if you have to work for a living, in other words do not fall for the hype and quit your day job. Follow a properly detailed program carefully and stick to only one training program only. (On this topic, refer to item 5).

2. Research Your Products: Any good Internet marketing program will teach you that you need to focus on products to sell that you are already familiar with, you will need to apply 1st-hand knowledge to writing and posting articles, you will need to build websites and add valuable content that is meaningful and sensible to your readers, you cannot write garbage and expect people to accept it…they will not. A good internet marketing training program will also teach you how to set up a sales page that will get the reader’s attention, but this again will also depend on how knowledgeable you are on the product that you are promoting. Only later on can you get really good at researching the new product, familiarising yourself with all the various ins and outs and terminology and thus be able to write excellent content and articles. For now though, there are millions products out there to choose from so you will have no problem find at least several that you are very familiar with. Knock yourself out…

3. Discipline Yourself Firmly: This is one of two very basic but absolutely fundamental aspects of self-employment that most people are unhappy with. If you want to succeed in Internet marketing you MUST jack yourself up in this area. Self discipline is crucial to your speedy success, the less disciplined you are, the longer it will take you get things done and thus it will take that much longer to make a profit and build your business up. If you one main point of encouragement it is this: Do not be discouraged if it takes as much as 6 months (or more) to make your 1st sale, NEVER GIVE UP! This is another point that I simply cannot stress enough! Set time aside EVERY DAY and stick with it, be like a stubborn dog! Follow your path without stopping, let nobody sway you from your goal. Avoids worrying about what you are not achieving, focus rather on where you are going…the end result you are looking for. Obviously things are not going to go easy and smooth all the way, you will get bumps and stops here and there, this all par for the course. Just “Keep-On-Keeping-On”, do not deviate, take no prisoners!

4. Plan each day the day before: Goal setting…Aaaargh! This is a sticking point for many of us. To be successful in Internet marketing you need to get this one mastered unfortunately, but once you do you will wonder how you ever coped without it! Now, to help you get this into perspective and make it easy I will set out a few basics for you…(1) Keep it brief and to the point; make a simple list of, say, a maximum of 10 items you need to get done tomorrow. You will have some idea as to how long each task will take so don’t get too enthusiastic by over-stretching yourself, make the day’s goals for your Internet marketing strategy easily achievable. If you end up with time to spare that is a good thing, do another 1 or 2 tasks to fill in the time you have set aside. It is better to stay away from ending with tasks incomplete and no time left, this can be a demotivator. It feels really good to get to the end of goals for the day and this will keep spurring you on to greater effort and enjoyment, so don’t let this job become a mission and a burden. Keep it fun, keep it a pleasure. After all, this is actually your very own business

5. Avoid the sharks in this huge information ocean! Right now you are vulnerable, you want to earn money online and the chances are that you need cash and you need it pretty soon! Well join the club which has tens of thousands of members. Your situation is not new, in fact it is so old that there has been something of a science built around it! And once that science is applied to you, you will part with your precious cash hoping to build your internet marketing business fast! HAH! It will not happen as they promised, this I can promise you. It works like this; You are desperate to succeed and earn money online, right? So without meaning it, your emotions are at the forefront of this issue, right? The “sharks’ know all of this, and they have devised ways to get you by your heart-strings and rope you into their webs.

They will identify with your struggle, your feelings, they will tell you that they know EXACTLY how you feel and what you are going through…this is how they get you onto their side. Then they will tell you how easy they have made it for you and that your problems can very soon be all over, and you will see Ferrari’s and Lambo’s, mansions and exotic holidays as they tell you that this is the life that they live. “RUBBISH!” These people employ professionals to design their spiels, they post pictures that are easily available for free anywhere on the Internet, they also employ professional actors to do their videos for them…this is such common practise that if you surf around enough you will finally become used to it and ultimately you get bored with it all because most of it is just empty hype and hollow promises. I have bought many such “Programs” and have got refunds on 99% of them, those that I did not get refunded simply got lost somewhere between my hard-drive and the filing tray. The net gist of all of this is that many of these people who would drag you in are out-and-out LIARS! They tell you about their limited offer, “Only 25″ positions available!

Then you go back in 2 week’s time and find that there now “Only 32″ positions available! They also tell you that there are only so many hours to go before the “Offer” closes, when you go back in a few days, you find that there are now more hours left than there were back then at your last visit! What they are doing is creating a sense of urgency and a fear of loss in you, you get this urge to grab it before it disappears forever…oh! and yes, they use that too, they tell you that once you leave their site/page or once the offer expires, it is “gone forever!” In truth, what does happen is that after a little while of that particular product being on the market people get used to it and bored with it, it proves to be a sub-standard product and soon fades away to NO SALES! And then of course it gets taken off of the market because it has died the death it deserves. Heed this dire warning for your own sake: “There are very few Internet marketing training that are really GENUINE PRODUCTS on the market today. For your own sake become educated about their tactics and ploys, and thus become immune to them, you will be so much better off for it!

6. Never Forget: The Internet is occupied by PEOPLE…not zombies!Whatever you do while working on your sites, articles and content in your Internet marketing business, always keep in mind that you talking to real people. As with you, when you stroll into a shop in the mall after seeing an item in the display that caught your eye, you are really looking to become MORE INTERESTED once you are inside the shop. You do not expect to find that the display was the highlight and the actual content is disappointing…this is what it should be like for visitors to your websites (and you will have many). Real people visit your site (shop) because something caught their attention, and they expect to become more stimulated once they are in your site reading (in your shop browsing around). I know you see the reasoning here, this is common sense and if you get it right, it works! It is also common practise, and actually a profession on its own, to attract people to your website in such a way that are primed to buy. You have provided the teaser, now you need to deliver the closer. This is not a trick, there is solid method in this business.

People as I said earlier are predictable to a point, they like to get excited over something they see, they like to feel that they have spent their money on something special, and they like to know that they have received value-for-money! So learn how to do this for them, learn how to get the visitors to your “shop” excited and satisfied at the same time. If you can do this your Internet marketing business will not fail! Part of your “Mission-Statement” for your business should be gain the trust of your visitors and clients, to become known as decent and honest. If can build yourself a good name on the Internet marketing scene, you will do well and “people” will keep coming back to you for more, they will buy from you again and again no matter what it is that you are selling. If they TRUST you…