Using Social Media Correctly to Promote Your Business

Marketing has totally changed in today’s marketplace just like employment opportunities. At one time, when you started a small business working from home, you still had a much higher overhead then you do today. It is still less than what it would cost you to have a brick and mortar store. With a brick and mortar store, you have to purchase a business license that is prominently displayed in your store. Then you have to purchase product to sell in the store and you had to use media to advertise and promote your store. In addition to all these activities you also need to attend Chamber of Commerce meetings to promote your business and build up a business contacts.

The Internet has changed how business is done today. When you work from home in a small business, you don’t have to have a business license, all you have to do is apply for an EIN number from the IRS. This EIN number is what you use to pay your taxes using a 1099 form. You can also do face-to-face networking through the chamber of commerce, but you can also network and build your business through social media. The networking sites that are most popular are LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter. When used properly these are the best way to promote your business for free.

On Facebook, you can set up both a personal page and a fan page for your business. On this site you can also join groups with like minded people where you can promote your business. You can let people know who is the perfect customer for your services or products. On your fan page, your can make friends and they can press the Like button, and follow any discussions on this page.

On LinkedIn, in your description or profile of your business you need to make sure it is keyword rich so when ever someone uses keywords to find someone of similar interests they can connect with your profile. You can join up to 50 groups within your niche market to connect with people of similar interests. You can also connect with people directly by sending them an invite to connect with you or you can send them a message to connect with you. There are people on this site who use their connects to find a job.

On twitter, one uses 140 characters to tweet to their followers. You can send messages back and forth to people you are connected to. Many entertainers also use twitter to communicate with their fans and answer any questions they may have about the shows that they’re on.

It is also important that you understand the benefits of using these social media sites correctly. Stalkers can also use social media to find their next victims. When you use of the social media as a public venue telling all your personal information you are also opening yourself up to identity theft. All someone has to do is watch us to learn our patterns of behavior. After they learn your patterns of behavior, it’s easy for them to learn your personal information.

The problem is that many people forget to be concerned about these issues, then when someone is stalking them, they become fearful of their life.